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  • Nearly 2 decades at the forefront of IT staffing
  • Strong network of top IT professionals in Southern Ontario
  • Established partnerships with a diverse range of companies from high tech start-ups to Fortune 100 businesses
  1. Flexible team development solutions for today’s tech driven economies
  2. Opportunities for professional growth with great companies across North America

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We are quick, efficient, and never overlook a detail.

We use state of the art recruitment and networking tools and technologies. Our sourcing model, performance based interview, coding process, and value added candidate services differentiate us from other agencies.
Our experienced recruiters meet and fully assess the skills of all our candidates. We present our clients with only high caliber professionals.
We understand what it is that IT professionals really do and how to best leverage their skills and experience when helping companies to grow their teams.
Our intake process is efficient and fast. With many MSP/VMS solutions this is the difference between landing an interview or not.
We offer competitively priced staffing solutions to companies that are looking for top IT talent.
We do business with Fortune 100 companies that require excellence in their staffing partners. Our business processes are repeatable and audit-able.
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