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3 Questions to Ask an Employer During Interview

October 22 2020

At the end of most job interviews, employers will ask: “Do you have any questions?” While the urge might be to head straight for the door and breathe a sigh of relief that the nerve-wrecking meeting has finally come to an end, candidates should take this opportunity to get a better sense of their fit. This is your chance to flip the table and become the interviewer. Ask questions to learn about the person you could potentially be working for, to determine the type of company culture you’d be joining, and to see what it will take to evolve your career here.

Our recruiters narrowed down these 3 smart questions to ask an employer during an interview:

What is it like being part of your team?
The person who is interviewing you will likely be your boss so it’s important to understand what their management style is. Is there a strict reporting and check-in system in place? If the role is for a remote position, how accessible are they? You also want to understand the team dynamic in terms of who you would be collaborating with on projects, what tools are in place to facilitate this, and how decisions are made. Everyone has different work preferences and habits. You want to assess whether you’ll mesh well with the rest of the team and the person leading the charge.

What are the company’s key goals for the year?
Companies normally market their long-term goals and mission but rarely give a year by year outlook. It’s important to understand how aggressive the company’s plan for growth is and what the overall resulting project demands will be like in the next year, related to your job function. Follow up questions to this might be around funding, budgets and resource allocation. By asking these big questions, you will show interest in the company but also have a direct opportunity to pitch how you can help achieve those goals.

What is the career path for someone in this role?
This question will show the employer that you are serious about this job and want to grow with the company. Why is it important to note this? Many employers struggle with retaining top talent for longer periods as the average lifespan of an employee nowadays is 2-4 years. Rehiring is time consuming and costly so employers are reassured to know that a potential candidate is in it for a longer haul. Additionally, it is important for you to know that there is room for professional growth at this company, that you can achieve several career milestones without having to move around.

For more tips on acing your interview, contact one of our experienced recruiters at ProVision Staffing to arrange a consultation