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3 Ways to Prep for an Interview

November 20 2020

Landing an interview is a huge milestone in the job search cycle.  It’s your opportunity to tell your story and form a connection with the person who is potentially going to become your boss.  On the other hand, employers want to deduce whether you’re a good fit for the company (skills and personality wise) and what your commitment to them is going to be.  Which is why preparing for this important meeting is a must.


Do Some Research

Start with the company website where you’ll likely find information about their mission, values, history, and service offerings.  Familiarize yourself with the organization by reading published news and reviewing their social media channels.  When you know what a company stands for and what their corporate culture is like you’ll be better equipped to articulate your alignment.

If possible, find out who you’ll be interviewing with and gather some background information about their professional history.  There may be similarities to your professional experience that you may want to bring up to build rapport.  Knowing about the interviewer’s experience can also help you decide what type of information they comprehend and what you should focus on when answering questions.


Review Job Ad & Application

Know the requirements of the job, as specified in the ad, inside and out.  You don’t want to be asking questions about information that was already detailed in the job description as this will show the interviewer that you do not understand the requirements of the role.  When reviewing the job description, note down any questions you may have or additional information that you would like to hear about the role.

Similarly, don’t make the mistake of forgetting what you had written on your resume.  Review your application and identify points that you may want to elaborate on during the interview.  Be ready to explain any questions that the employer may have about what you presented in your resume, cover letter, or even portfolio.


Do a Practice Run

Don’t be afraid to do some role playing.  Ask a loved one or a friend to practice the interview with you as they can provide a valuable perspective into how you present.  Research some basic questions that employers will ask of you and determine what your answers will be.  If the interview is via video, make sure that you test your internet connection and familiarize yourself with the platform beforehand to avoid any technical difficulties.  Watch our video for more tips on best practices of video interviewing.


Reach out to ProVision Staffing for more tips on preparing for your next interview.