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Benefits of Contract Work for Tech Talent

November 5 2020

Have you ever turned down a great opportunity because of its expiry date? Many candidates shy away from time-defined job offers, otherwise known as contract opportunities, because it hasn’t always gotten a good reputation. But in recent years contract work has become more mainstream, especially in the tech sector. There are several benefits to choosing a contract position, from offering a greater spectrum of experiences to lucrative compensation.

It’s time to reconsider this way of working, if you haven’t already. Here’s why:

1. Higher Pay: In some cases, the compensation offered can be significantly more than that of full-time employees since employers are not obligated to pay for things such as unemployment insurance or benefits. Contract workers can also gain from tax savings and more flexibility in tax planning.

2. Flexibility: There is more flexibility with contract positions to work remotely, set your own hours, and focus on work that you really enjoy. Having this freedom can contribute towards building a healthier work-life balance and a happier professional outlook.

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3. Variety: Tech giants such as IBM, Google and Amazon often hire contractors for longer-term programs, providing the opportunity to experience a variety of projects and processes, which in turn helps you build out your resume. Working for different companies for shorter periods also exposes you to different skills and requirements, honing the all-important quality of adaptability.

4. Enhanced Tech Stack: Working at a company indefinitely limits your exposure to certain technologies and related skills while contractors benefit from experiences with different programming languages and softwares.