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What is it like to work with a Technical Recruiter?

August 23 2021

Technical recruiters help companies hire the best tech talent. These HR specialists are involved in sourcing, screening, interviewing and matching tech professionals to promising careers. On their quest to find the top talent, tech recruiters develop workforce strategies, identify candidate sources, create job descriptions, assess candidate fit and present them to potential clients. So, what is it like to work with a technical recruiter? Let’s find out.We sat down with…Continued

4 Salary Negotiation Tips from Tech Recruiters

July 7 2021

Congratulations on your job offer! Oh wait, the salary being offered falls short of what you were hoping for, so now what? Salary negotiations are unnerving and if not done correctly, job offers can be retracted. When negotiating a salary, the employee and employer should have a shared objective. Employees want a fair compensation package that reflects their market value, and employers want to ensure they are hiring and retaining…Continued

The Tech Workforce: What to Expect in 2021

May 12 2021

It has been a challenging year for tech workers – a year of restrictions, isolation, and the shift to a remote work arrangement. Though the wider labor market is still in recovery mode, the Canadian tech sector has managed to stand out. In March, employment in scientific, professional, and technical services rose to 6 per cent over the pandemic. Indeed Canada reported that job postings for tech roles were up…Continued

It’s Time to Change your Hiring Strategies

March 2 2021

The competition for tech talent was fierce a year ago and it’s only going to get worse as companies resume hiring full force over the next few months. Which is why re-evaluating and adapting your hiring strategies NOW is important. The traditional hiring process has been hit harder than ever as companies and candidates scramble to adapt to a fully remote experience. Recruitment has changed. Candidates’ expectations have changed. Is…Continued