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Qualities of a Successful Remote Worker

August 13 2020

When the COVID19 pandemic hit and offices closed down in mid-March necessitating remote work, many of us were probably looking forward to working from home, thinking this might be a good thing for work-life balance, a nice change from the mundane routine of commuting and going into the office from nine to five. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to take that 9 am conference call in your PJs? At…Continued

Top Tech Skills To Learn In 2020

July 30 2020

Companies are redefining their operational standards to stay relevant and in business. Technology, no surprise, is at the center of this, with artificial intelligence, data-driven solutions and automated processes becoming more mainstream in 2020 If you are a curious mind looking to advance your technical skills and gain competitive advantage in today's tech market, look no further. Here are the 5 top tech skills you need to learn in 2020:…Continued

Video Resume Tips To Get You Hired

July 23 2020

Searching for jobs online is easy but landing a job interview is not. Given the drastically evolving job market, candidates often find themselves competing with hundreds and thousands of applicants for the same position. As a candidate, what can you do to stand out? How can you make a lasting impression on the hiring manager and secure that coveted job interview? The answer could be: Video Resumes. A brief video…Continued

Decoding Phone Interview Questions

July 16 2020

Most companies begin their interview process with a phone screening. Phone interviews allow employers and recruiters to vet potential candidates based on their skills, experience and job expectations before investing time in in-person/video interviews. As a candidate, if you have applied for a specific job, it is always important to be prepared for a phone interview because it’s easy to get wrong. Here are 6 common phone interview questions, decoded:…Continued