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The Most In-demand Tech Roles Of 2020

June 30 2020

Now more than ever, companies require tech professionals to seamlessly build and manage massive IT infrastructures to meet new demands. Hence, tech hiring is proving to be more resilient. Though some private e-commerce companies have slowed down on job postings, software companies, on the other hand, have kept hiring steadily throughout the pandemic. Amazon is looking to fill 20,000 open tech roles, while Facebook is hiring 10,000 new employees for…Continued

Employer Tips for Work-from-Home Continuity

June 11 2020

Are you tempted to continue your company’s work-from-home program indefinitely?  Several tech giants like Twitter have recently made headlines with their decisions to do this, while companies such as Salesforce and Google are extending remote work at least until the end of 2020.  The experiment of past three months under lockdown conditions has shown us just how effective virtual teams can be, at least for most desk-and-computer type jobs. Allowing…Continued

Networking in 2020: Continue Building Relationships

June 2 2020

Reaching out to your network through emails, texts or calls has never been more important than now. Pre-pandemic, networking events were held at specific venues, but now these have shifted to online mediums. COVID19 has changed the way people connect, but that doesn’t mean that networking or nurturing of relationships should stop. Here are few tips to help you network and continue building relationships amidst social distancing: 1. Strategic Online…Continued

Office Return: Plan Ahead for a New Workplace Normal

May 20 2020

It is understandable that employees might be feeling anxious about re-entering the office where once they so freely collaborated and conversed with others.  Everyone is in some sense preparing for the “new normal” at the centre of which is a valid fear of the coronavirus.  According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, 59% of surveyed employees are afraid of its spread.  As company leaders begin to think of returning…Continued