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It’s Time to Change your Hiring Strategies

March 2 2021

The competition for tech talent was fierce a year ago and it’s only going to get worse as companies resume hiring full force over the next few months. Which is why re-evaluating and adapting your hiring strategies NOW is important. The traditional hiring process has been hit harder than ever as companies and candidates scramble to adapt to a fully remote experience. Recruitment has changed. Candidates’ expectations have changed. Is…Continued

Why Companies Should Recruit Now

January 20 2021

Hiring has taken a backseat over the last several months as companies continue to focus on crisis management and in many cases readapting their business model. A Fortune & Deloitte survey states that 59% of CEOs implemented a hiring freeze during the pandemic. But when the pandemic is over and markets recover, the hunt for top talent will be fierce. And companies that are continuing to recruit and to build…Continued

3 Ways to Prep for an Interview

November 20 2020

Landing an interview is a huge milestone in the job search cycle.  It’s your opportunity to tell your story and form a connection with the person who is potentially going to become your boss.  On the other hand, employers want to deduce whether you’re a good fit for the company (skills and personality wise) and what your commitment to them is going to be.  Which is why preparing for this…Continued

Benefits of Contract Work for Tech Talent

November 5 2020

Have you ever turned down a great opportunity because of its expiry date? Many candidates shy away from time-defined job offers, otherwise known as contract opportunities, because it hasn’t always gotten a good reputation. But in recent years contract work has become more mainstream, especially in the tech sector. There are several benefits to choosing a contract position, from offering a greater spectrum of experiences to lucrative compensation. It’s time…Continued