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How To Succeed In An Virtual Interview

May 19 2020

Virtual interviews are by no means a new concept and have actually made headway since Skype was launched. 60% of hiring managers and recruiters utilize video technology to reduce their hiring timeframe (Jobbatical, 2019). Many would argue that it's not the same as an in-person meeting, some of the challenges being technical difficulties, interview scheduling conflicts or candidates struggling to pick up on social cues etc. Of course now, job…Continued

5 Tips for Business Continuity During COVID19

April 30 2020

Even under these unprecedented circumstances, some companies are continuing to operate smoothly.  What’s their business continuity secret? They acknowledge the challenges and also focus on the opportunities to make their company more resilient. We offer 5 important  business continuity strategies for companies on a mission to stay alive, stay relevant, and come out of this pandemic less harmed: Invest in remote work setups Since 2010, the amount of people that…Continued

Technology takes charge amidst COVID19

April 20 2020

Can you imagine what self-isolation would look like without technology? This crisis has forced unique changes onto our daily lives, but technology takes charge amidst COVID19. Without technology, the world would be a lonelier place, businesses would come to a halt and people would be forced to step outside to access amenities. E-learning, online collaborative platforms, delivery/pick-up services, research& innovation, and digital entertainment industries are experiencing tremendous boom during these…Continued

Coping with Job Loss: Take Charge and Keep Going

April 7 2020

By PTC Recruiting (our sister company) Two-in-five Canadian households have already experienced some type of job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Losing your job is stressful under normal circumstances but during this time of uncertainty it can be especially daunting.  But don’t give in to despair and anxiety.  Take charge of the situation and develop a plan for being mentally healthy and focused on your goal of finding another opportunity…Continued