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The Value of Data Science in A Post-Pandemic World

September 10 2020

Increasingly, businesses are turning to big data to gather real-time insights and formulate contingency plans, especially right now. With the help of advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, firms are uncovering and analyzing new data to help them succeed and adapt to the new normal. We identified 5 key benefits to companies for establishing an in-house data team consisting of engineers, analysts, or scientists: 1. Stronger Customer Targeting:…Continued

Benefits of Employing A Remote Workforce

August 27 2020

Remote work offers many benefits to both employers and employees. While the COVID19 pandemic brought on a more widespread use of telework, it’s actually been a normal part of many company cultures for years, especially in the technology sector, and has proven to be a successful approach, boosting productivity by 35-40 per cent. The debate around what the new work normal will look like post pandemic is rampant. Flexibility is…Continued

Maximize Your Marketability With LinkedIn

August 20 2020

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, connecting talent to opportunities, making job searching more productive and successful. Whether you’re looking for a new role passively or aggressively, it’s a good idea to leverage this social media channel to its full potential in order to gain more visibility with employers and others within your industry. Here are some of our tips for building out your LinkedIn profile and effectively marketing…Continued

Qualities of a Successful Remote Worker

August 13 2020

When the COVID19 pandemic hit and offices closed down in mid-March necessitating remote work, many of us were probably looking forward to working from home, thinking this might be a good thing for work-life balance, a nice change from the mundane routine of commuting and going into the office from nine to five. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to take that 9 am conference call in your PJs? At…Continued