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Video Resume Tips To Get You Hired

July 23 2020

Searching for jobs online is easy but landing a job interview is not. Given the drastically evolving job market, candidates often find themselves competing with hundreds and thousands of applicants for the same position. As a candidate, what can you do to stand out? How can you make a lasting impression on the hiring manager and secure that coveted job interview? The answer could be: Video Resumes. A brief video…Continued

Decoding Phone Interview Questions

July 16 2020

Most companies begin their interview process with a phone screening. Phone interviews allow employers and recruiters to vet potential candidates based on their skills, experience and job expectations before investing time in in-person/video interviews. As a candidate, if you have applied for a specific job, it is always important to be prepared for a phone interview because it’s easy to get wrong. Here are 6 common phone interview questions, decoded:…Continued

The Most In-demand Tech Roles Of 2020

June 30 2020

Now more than ever, companies require tech professionals to seamlessly build and manage massive IT infrastructures to meet new demands. Hence, tech hiring is proving to be more resilient. Though some private e-commerce companies have slowed down on job postings, software companies, on the other hand, have kept hiring steadily throughout the pandemic. Amazon is looking to fill 20,000 open tech roles, while Facebook is hiring 10,000 new employees for…Continued

Employer Tips for Work-from-Home Continuity

June 11 2020

Are you tempted to continue your company’s work-from-home program indefinitely?  Several tech giants like Twitter have recently made headlines with their decisions to do this, while companies such as Salesforce and Google are extending remote work at least until the end of 2020.  The experiment of past three months under lockdown conditions has shown us just how effective virtual teams can be, at least for most desk-and-computer type jobs. Allowing…Continued