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Combating the Shortage of Tech Talent

March 22 2019

Canada’s booming growth in the tech industry may be leading more global technology companies to set up locations and attracting more startups, but the demand for tech talent is not measuring up to the supply. It is estimated there will be a shortage of 220,000 tech workers by 2020, making for a critical employment situation for tech companies. Forming a comprehensive strategy can help alleviate the impact on your organization.…Continued

The Next Silicon Valley: Toronto, Ontario

March 6 2019

Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area may be synonymous with the technology sector, but the future looks to be heading north ... to Toronto, Ontario. Toronto added more than 82,000 technology-related jobs within the past five years, edging out Silicon Valley by more than 4,000 jobs, according to a 2018 report by CBRE Group. Expand your tech sector employment options – learn more about why you should consider…Continued