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Combating the Shortage of Tech Talent

March 22 2019

Canada’s booming growth in the tech industry may be leading more global technology companies to set up locations and attracting more startups, but the demand for tech talent is not measuring up to the supply. It is estimated there will be a shortage of 220,000 tech workers by 2020, making for a critical employment situation for tech companies. Forming a comprehensive strategy can help alleviate the impact on your organization.


Learn more about possible solutions for combating the shortage of tech talent:


Form Relationships With University Networks

As part of a long-term approach, be proactive regarding getting the next generation of tech talent in your door. Form relationships with the universities in your area with tech programs so your company is top-of-mind for professors to recommend to students. For example, let them know what skills are most in demand, offer appealing internships, sponsor university events, etc.


Invest Resources Into Training and Development

Since the tech talent shortage may mean that the current professionals with your desired skill sets may be few and far between, you may need to cultivate these skills in-house as much as possible. Invest resources into training and development of your team so they can gain the necessary skills.


Be Flexible With Hiring Preferences

Adjust your hiring expectations to be more realistic with the tech job market. You may not be able to have your “wish list” for the ideal candidate, so instead be flexible and prioritize your preferences. Then you can put your efforts into finding talent that possesses the key qualifications, and work with them over time to develop the rest.


Improve Employer Branding

Tech talent know they’re in demand and have their choice of opportunities. If you want your company to appeal to them, start by improving your employer branding. Utilize every opportunity, such as with your company website, job descriptions, and all personal points of contact with prospects, to highlight the positive aspects of working at your company and what makes it different from your competitors.


Expand Your Prospect Pool

Improve your odds of landing tech talent by increasing the number of possible candidates. Expand your prospect pool by partnering with a staffing company. Staffing companies can devote more time, effort and resources to finding prospective candidates. This joint effort makes it more likely that you will be able to find the candidates you need.


Develop Your Recruitment Strategy

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