Employers - Provision Staffing

What do you want to accomplish?

This is how the conversation starts with ProVision Staffing. Every customer is unique and presents a different set of challenges, goals, budgets, timelines, wants and needs from one another.   We do a lot of things differently than our competitors but it’s our ability to take the information you give us and deliver a tailored service offering that truly sets us apart.

Our sense of purpose is to provide best in class customer service and we hang our hat on the following tenants:

  • Innovation – We invest heavily in people, process and technology. We use state of the art recruitment, networking, research, reporting and analytic solutions. Our sourcing model, performance based interview, and value added candidate and client services differentiate us from our competitors. We are constantly evolving, innovating and training because that’s what our customers require.
  • Quality – Access to quality candidates is paramount. How does one locate and validate Quality Candidates? Our sourcing, networking and referral programs uncover passive job seekers that come highly recommended from peers and employers. Our performance based interview screens for quality talent and quantifies their track record of success, achievement and potential to change the game.
  • Experience – We work very hard to understand your unique business and your unique needs. We understand that matching hard and soft skills is just the beginning. Sourcing candidates who understand the business is a true difference maker. These individuals deliver higher quality results with fewer mistakes in a shorter period of time!
  • Speed – Our intake process is efficient and fast. We are proven in successfully pre identifying, screening and presenting candidates quicker than our competitors without sacrificing quality.
  • Price – We will find you the best available resource your budget can afford. We offer flexible/customized pricing solutions that work for you and your company.
  • Compliance – We have standardized business processes that are repeatable and audit-able.  We have General Liability, Errors and Omissions and Crime insurance coverage. Since 2002 we have been working with some of the largest and most successful institutions in Canada (Schedule 1 Banks, Fortune 100’s, Provincial & Federal Government) that all require strict SLA compliance.