Business Consulting / Alternative Solutions - Provision Staffing

All of our clients are dealing with a changing world, and some of them are challenged with unique constraints requiring alternative solutions. We work with our clients to not only define the problem, but also to define the objective(s)/ideal outcome and have delivered value packaged in non-traditional ways to help achieve the desired results.

Here are a few examples of our creative client successes:

Opportunity to build a solution where limited funding was available.  A growing financial services company providing payment solutions was in need of support to develop a solution to capitalize on a substantial business opportunity. ProVision helped to identify alternative funding and worked with the client to address a limited budget issue and accelerate the process through a government program. Market knowledge, case examples of profiles, and a detailed summary of development requirements were compiled resulting in the application’s quick approval. Consultants were selected to deliver various components of the project, and the solution was completed successfully.

Provide the needed advice for a program after project funding was completed. At issue was a need for expertise on assessing the impact of a new program. Client had limited funds and was unable to gain approval for time and materials consulting. ProVision was able to assess the problem and determine that the objectives could be met by a senior business consultant on a small fixed price basis. Client was extremely pleased to have the creative solution and the results gave them the confidence needed to proceed.

Expert advice / panel assessment of CIO candidates for not-for-profit organization. Client had engaged a search firm to select candidates for a Chief Information Officer and wanted additional 3rd-party assessment to support their decision-making process.

Legal support as industry expert for court case. Client required subject matter expertise on the employment marketability of an individual that was pursuing a court decision to award a higher severance package. Detailed market information and expert opinion was provided to assist the clients’ court-proceedings on a time and materials basis.