Permanent Recruiting - Provision Staffing

Our Permanent Recruiting Process and Methodology delivers results … but we need your buy in and your help to do it right.  The first step is to re engineer your job description which is often ineffective at targeting top talent.  Our process focuses first on defining the results you want to achieve by hiring for this position.  We then assess the environment and structure in which the successful candidate will be a part of.  Unlike most of our competitors who only screen for years of technical skills, relevant business or project experience and communication skills, our screening and interviewing process uncovers a candidate’s’ true performance highlights, how they compared relative to their peers and predicts game changers with high potential for success.  Given two resumes that look identical, wouldn’t you want to choose the candidate who produces better quality work and/or a higher volume of it?  This Performance based / Quality Rated screening process is the main reason why our customers prefer to work with us over our competition.  We also go deeper to uncover the true motivations behind our candidate’s decisions to make a career move and only present those that will accept the offer if given one.

Start hiring better people for your company today. Your boss will thank you for it!