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How to Evolve in the Tech Industry

June 11 2019

As a technology professional, you’re already in an industry filled with opportunities. However, as technology advances, so too will the positions and skills needed for tech workers. If you want to prevent your skills from becoming outdated and continue growing your career, it’s crucial to be one step ahead and prepare for what’s next. Evolve in the tech industry by being ready to adapt your skill sets for what’s projected to be most in demand in the near future:


Artificial Intelligence

In a quest for efficiency, more and more organizations are implementing, or at least investigating, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) through machine learning and algorithms. And while some jobs may be at risk because of the rise of AI, for tech professionals, it opens up more opportunities and establishes expectations from employers. To stay on top of the tech game, you may need to be ready to embrace working with AI, such as through developing and managing platforms and analyzing data.


Data Science

Big data is no longer a concept that is talked about as the “next big thing” – it is here, and companies across industries are collecting significant amounts of customer data. Beyond the technical process of gathering and processing the vast amount of data, there will be an increased demand for tech professionals to be able to not only analyze it, but also develop key findings, and communicate those to leadership. If you want to maintain your marketability in the tech industry, you’ll likely be expected to integrate your tech skills into the overall marketing and business strategy for your employer.


Cloud Computing

The days of relying on computer hard drives and company servers for storing software programs and important data are coming to an end. Utilizing cloud services allows organizations to save money and reduces the effort required to create and maintain computers and networks in-house. Cloud computing is changing the face of business infrastructure, and as such, there will likely be an increase in employers having their IT teams transition to implementing and maintaining company cloud storage systems.



As the digital landscape continues to grow for businesses, more and more information is potentially at risk. The ease of accessibility with cloud storage and the benefits of having consumer data comes with the big responsibility of getting sensitive information locked down. The more experience you gain working in cybersecurity, the better equipped you will be in the long term of staying relevant in your tech career.



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