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It’s Time to Change your Hiring Strategies

March 2 2021

The competition for tech talent was fierce a year ago and it’s only going to get worse as companies resume hiring full force over the next few months. Which is why re-evaluating and adapting your hiring strategies NOW is important. The traditional hiring process has been hit harder than ever as companies and candidates scramble to adapt to a fully remote experience. Recruitment has changed. Candidates’ expectations have changed. Is your company set up for the new way of hiring?

Here are our tips to get you started:

1. Re-evaluate your Staffing Needs
Now is the time to identify talent gaps and consider what skill sets you will need to boost operations and get your business back on track post pandemic. Start planning for growth again. Consider whether your staffing needs are full-time, part-time or project based.

2. Embrace Digital Hiring Solutions
Now more than ever, companies need to leverage technology to recruit more effectively and tap into the best talent. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, forcing companies of all sizes to fast-track their digital plans. Make sure your company is set up for video interviewing, invest in digital assessment tools, and leverage social media to promote your company and its culture. Start attracting candidates by showing them the perks of working here.

3.  Lean on Recruiting Specialists
Staffing companies and recruiters know how to recruit and uncover top talent. Lean on their knowledge and expertise. Recruiters have exclusive access to multiple online job boards, a wider network of talented professionals and an established social media presence.

Talent is all around us – the real challenge is to find the “right fit” for the role. Spend time to assess your current hiring efforts and formalize new recruitment strategies that align with your company’s human resource goals. Partner with our recruitment specialists to find the right technical talent for your organization.