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Meet Sarah, Managing Director of ProVision Staffing

January 6 2022

We spoke with Sarah Baker, our newly appointed Managing Director, to learn about her journey in staffing and outlook on IT recruitment for 2022:

What led you to a career in IT recruitment?

I love working with people and building relationships, which is why recruitment was such a perfect career choice for me.  I have also always been interested in technology and wanted to be a part of such an innovative community. Working with leading technology companies excites me, particularly getting to understand the ins and outs of their operational requirements and different team dynamics.  I help companies and candidates make the right decisions at the right time to enhance growth and innovation – this is very rewarding for me.

What are some challenges in IT recruitment and how are you addressing them?

For many organizations I work with, putting together the right team for a specific project isn’t always simple or clearly articulated.  My role is to help them define, for example, what skill sets are required and how many developers or engineers are needed to get the work done.  I work consultatively with our clients to understand their business and project objectives so that I can provide them with the best staffing plan.

But this is a candidate market so one of the top challenges we face in recruitment right now is securing IT talent.  With multiple job offers and competitive salaries, IT professionals have their pick of the crop and hiring managers must act quickly and expedite the hiring process.  Staying close to the candidates and encouraging full transparency is one way we address this challenge.  We also understand the IT recruitment space very well and can advise both hiring managers and candidates on the right approach.

What are some of the things you plan to do differently at ProVision?

2022 will be an exciting year for ProVision. I plan to expand our internal team by acquiring partners with strategic focuses on Government, Technical Sales, and IT Consulting.  We will continue to proactively develop our client base across Canada and penetrate further into the US market. Additionally, I plan on adding new technologies in-house to support our team and growth, and ultimately to benefit our clients and candidates through more efficient processes.

How do you define effective leadership?  What leadership qualities do you think are important to be successful?

Effective leadership is based on respecting your team and recognizing everyone’s abilities.  I also believe that good leaders are decisive and encourage risk taking.  My goal as the Managing Director of ProVision is to cultivate a culture of open communication, collaboration, and inclusion.  I want everyone’s opinion to count.

What are some of your predictions for IT staffing in 2022?  Any employment trends that you foresee emerging?

I think that there will continue to be a high number of opportunities in IT in 2022. Additionally, we will likely see a greater network of contract or gig workers as this has been on the rise throughout 2021.  The number of IT contractors who are open to working on multiple projects has been steadily increasing.  This way of working gives IT professionals a chance to acquire more diverse skills, provides the opportunity to work with different technologies and teams, and perhaps most importantly, to have the flexibility that many workers crave today.  I think we will continue to see this trend rise even more in the coming years.

Furthermore, some of the most high-growth careers in 2022 are anticipated to be Developers and Programmers of all levels (JR-SR), Data Analysis/Data Science, AI and ML, Cyber security, QA /Testing, and DevOps.

What advice would you give to hiring managers looking for IT talent? What advice would you give to candidates looking for new opportunities in the IT space?

Finding the right person for your team or project is time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge about the market to secure top IT talent.  My advice to leaders and hiring managers is don’t do it alone.  Partner with a recruiter, someone who knows the competition, who is dedicated to finding you that perfect candidate and can utilize out-of-the-box search methods.  We are worth the cost.

My advice for candidates is to take the time to understand what you really want from your career, what drives you.  Make your decisions based on what you value most and do your homework on the company.