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Complete IT staffing and talent advisory solutions to help your business scale and grow.

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Direct Hire & Contract Labor

ProVision has a large network of professionals seeking a variety of opportunities including contract work and permanent employment. Working directly with hiring authorities within a company, we determine specific staffing needs and provide support accordingly.

Our recruiters are highly knowledgeable about the tech industry and understand what it is that IT professionals really do. This means that we know how to best leverage their skills and experience when helping businesses develop their teams.


Executive Search – C to VP Level

ProVision provides a streamlined Executive Search process for our clients’ most critical management requirements.

We provide the same level of candidate identification and outreach as more traditional search firms (long list / short list management), but our emphasis is on providing a more efficient (and time sensitive) submittal and review process to our clients.

We can also be creative regarding the levels we are willing to take on for Executive Searches. We are not constrained by grade levels and titles, but rather look to be strategic partners in helping find the most critical talent for our clients.



We have the capabilities to build a custom onsite, local, regional and offshore recruitment team to meet varied business needs of our clients.

Through our affiliation with Bay Talent Group and its family of recruitment, staffing, and technology brands in North America, we are fully equipped to develop Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) programs that suit all aspects of the talent acquisition cycle.


Freelancers and Gig Workers

We live in a time when freelance / gig work are very much in demand, both by candidates who seek greater flexibility and employers who wish to streamline employment costs.

In addition to providing technologies that can connect employers with appropriate contract and freelance workers globally, at a moment’s notice, ProVision also manages time sheets, invoices, payroll, and appropriate taxes, eliminating associated risks and compliance issues.


Project Staffing

Teams of new hires often need to be built within a “time certain” date range, to ensure projects and initiatives get up and running as promised.

We can scale up the required recruiting resources quickly to ensure that client projects (and the candidates required that will execute those projects) will be sourced, vetted, submitted, hired and up and running on time and with the right talent for the job.