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Tech Talent Hunt: Networking With Generation Z

June 7 2019

Now that millennials are an established part of the workforce, it’s time to consider the newest generation of tech talent who is beginning to come of age: Generation Z. This generation is generally considered to be those who were born from 1995 to 2010, meaning the oldest of them are ready for entry-level roles. If you want to invest in the future success of your organization, make it a priority to start gaining visibility among this developing talent pool. Learn more about how to network effectively with Generation Z:


Partner With Schools and Universities

Establish relationships with local high schools, such as running academic initiatives related to your industry, to set the foundation for their awareness of your company and ensure younger students know about their career possibilities. Also, collaborate with local universities to set up internship programs to get into direct contact with young workers, which can lead to a Gen Z talent pipeline.


Be Present at Events

Focus on being a consistent presence in Gen Z’s lives by meeting them where they are. Be on the lookout regularly for school or community events that target their age range and have your company present somehow. Whether it’s an informational table at a career fair or being a corporate sponsor, the more they are exposed to your company, the more likely it is they will see you as a potential employer down the road.


Showcase Young Talent

If you want Gen Z to think of you as a “dream employer,” or at least as an employer that can set them up for professional success if they get their foot in the door, give them convincing evidence by showcasing your current young talent. Make videos with their testimonials on your career section of your company website, highlight their stories on social media, etc.


Build Your Brand on Social Media

Gen Z is the first generation of digital natives, meaning they have never known a life without the internet. The internet, especially social media, is a major influence in their lives. Leverage your company’s social media channels to build your brand in the eyes of this younger generation. Determine the messages you want to convey and create social media content based around them. If they spot your paid social media advertising or hear about your company elsewhere and decide to check it out on social media, you’ll be in control of the perception they receive.



Attract Top Gen Z Tech Talent

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