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Tech Talent Hunt: Uncovering In-House Potential

June 21 2019

ProVision’s “Tech Talent Hunt" series is focusing on providing solutions to the tech talent shortage issues impacting managers. If you’re currently understaffed, you can minimize the disruption to productivity until you hire more talent by maximizing the value of your current employees. Uncover the potential of your current employees with these tips:

1.Prioritize Most Important Tasks

When you’re trying to get the most out of your current team, clarify what tasks are most important to prioritize. Otherwise, you risk overextending your employees, while having no results to show for it. Once you’ve narrowed down your key tasks, you can start rearranging their workloads to cover or train for them until you can hire more employees.

2.Ask About Their Areas of Interest

Get your team invested in taking on additional tasks by making it worthwhile for them. Ask about any areas of interest where they want to learn skills or gain additional experience. It’s a win-win: You’ll have more coverage for tasks, and they can build their resumes or at least dabble in some tech tasks outside the norm that intrigue them.

3.Cross Train Across Roles

Even when you’re at optimal staffing levels, it’s best practice to ensure that no one employee is indispensable. Cross train across roles, so there is no task only one employee knows how to do. This will ensure your department runs smoothly, even when someone is away on vacation or you’re in the midst of dealing with a tech talent shortage.

3.Give More Freedom

If you want your team to reach their full potential, you have to give them room to realize their own capability. Give them the freedom to tackle more tasks and make decisions without your immediate input – it may feel risky at first but being held accountable will get your employees more engaged in rising to the occasion.

4.Encourage a Collaborative Tone

If you want to motivate your employees to make a major impact, don’t underestimate the power of a positive culture. Make them realize they are truly part of a team and their effort is a valuable contribution to the greater good. Encourage a collaborative tone in the workplace by communicating the importance of teamwork, recognizing and validating instances of going above and beyond, and providing incentives to keep morale up and the mood lighter.

Discover New Talent Today

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