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Technology takes charge amidst COVID19

April 20 2020

Can you imagine what self-isolation would look like without technology? This crisis has forced unique changes onto our daily lives, but technology takes charge amidst COVID19. Without technology, the world would be a lonelier place, businesses would come to a halt and people would be forced to step outside to access amenities. E-learning, online collaborative platforms, delivery/pick-up services, research& innovation, and digital entertainment industries are experiencing tremendous boom during these trying times. But will this continue post crisis?

Here are four areas within the information technology industry that we believe will prosper post pandemic:

Data Driven Healthcare Solutions 

No doubt the healthcare industry is at the forefront, fighting COVID19. Post pandemic, this sector will continue to thrive as the need for convenient testing kits and user-friendly healthcare applications increase. Healthcare providers will require the support of data analysts and AI specialists to navigate through a massive pool of consumer data.

Businesses Will Explore Digitalization 

This pandemic is a wake-up call for businesses that have avoided investing in online services and building digital alternatives. In order to ensure that organizations have a resilient supply chain that is future-ready, companies will look into leveraging data and monetizing AI assets to third-party vendors.

E-commerce Revamped 

With months of self- isolation, consumers have replaced in-store shopping with online purchases. This surge in e-commerce will continue if companies revitalize their online shopping experience to match the new circumstances. Innovations around faster delivery systems, data-enabled consumer insights and flexible payment methods is the way to go.

Online collaboration, Entertainment and E-Learning platforms 

As companies transition to embrace remote work either temporarily or permanently; the need for digital collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts will continue to grow. Digital media and video streaming platforms have made ‘staying in’ the new ‘going out’. E-learning and online courses have provided consumers the ease of pursuing education from the comfort of their homes. These areas of technology will continue to grow in significant ways.

The COVID19 outbreak will give rise to more opportunities – a new world, even more reliant on technological innovations and even more in need of resilient IT talent. Technology Takes Charge Amidst COVID19