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The Most In-demand Tech Roles Of 2020

June 30 2020

Now more than ever, companies require tech professionals to seamlessly build and manage massive IT infrastructures to meet new demands. Hence, tech hiring is proving to be more resilient. Though some private e-commerce companies have slowed down on job postings, software companies, on the other hand, have kept hiring steadily throughout the pandemic. Amazon is looking to fill 20,000 open tech roles, while Facebook is hiring 10,000 new employees for their product & engineering teams by the end of this year. Tech companies have expanded their hiring efforts and here’s our shortlist on the most in-demand tech roles of 2020:

1. Data Engineers– Many businesses are now running on lean budgets and streamlined operations.Companies are making strategic data driven investments to adapt to the changing landscape, stay competitive, and achieve a reduction in expenses. The year-to-year job growth rate for Data Engineers stands at 33 per cent, according to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report 2020. Data analysts, engineers and scientists have witnessed a major uptick in demand during this crisis. As businesses increasingly rely on data and data science, the demand for tech professionals with this specific skill set has continued to grow in 2020.

2. Architects– IT and enterprise architects develop and lead the technical direction for companies. As artificial intelligence becomes even more commonplace in business, companies will continue to be on the hunt for skilled AI architects that can meet the growing demand for AI enabled products and services. Professionals with a strong knowledge and understanding of machine learning, AI programming, natural language processing and change management are already in high demand this year.

3. Full Stack Developer– It is no surprise to see developer roles holding steady this year. Programmers and coders are essential across various business verticals. Companies are continuously seeking full stack developers that have a range of front and back end skills. Python, Java and .NET are among the fastest growing programming languages dominating the developer community.

4. UX/UI Designer– The world has turned virtual and there are no signs of going back. E-commerce businesses are refining customer experiences through user research. Before COVID19, the demand for web designers was relatively low, but now, businesses are rapidly shifting to online platforms and require strong and user-friendly design infrastructure to ensure smooth operations.