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The Next Silicon Valley: Toronto, Ontario

March 6 2019

Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area may be synonymous with the technology sector, but the future looks to be heading north … to Toronto, Ontario. Toronto added more than 82,000 technology-related jobs within the past five years, edging out Silicon Valley by more than 4,000 jobs, according to a 2018 report by CBRE Group. Expand your tech sector employment options – learn more about why you should consider pursuing technology opportunities in Toronto. 

Sheer Number of Current Jobs

As the number of open tech jobs grow in Toronto, companies are having a hard time filling them. This tech labor shortage puts tech talent in the enviable position of having a vast array of options open to them. If you opt to look into Toronto for your job search, you’re likely to have a lot more negotiating power than focusing solely on Silicon Valley. 

Continued Projected Growth

The aforementioned boom in new technology-related jobs in Toronto does not appear to show any signs of slowing down – in fact, the biggest tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google, are increasingly announcing plans for setting up headquarters in the area. Plus, with Toronto solidifying its tech-hub reputation, more startups are projected to pop up, making the city a prime option for your long-term career plans. 

Fewer Immigration Restrictions

Silicon Valley has historically drawn top tech talent from throughout the world, but with challenges of obtaining permanent residency in the United States and its ever-tightening regulations, Toronto may be an ideal option for international tech professionals. Since Canada has fewer immigration restrictions, these professionals still get to remain in the hustle and bustle of the North American tech industry without relying on work visas and having the peace of mind of obtaining permanent residency more quickly – a process that could take 20 years in the U.S. – may be completed in a year or less in Canada. 

Significantly Different Cultural Lifestyle

Silicon Valley has a very niche culture and lifestyle that may not be for everyone. With the tech boom drawing more and more tech professionals to the area, it has also come with the consequences of increased cost of living (the highest in the U.S.) and complaints of gentrification pushing out long-term residents. If the culture of Silicon Valley does not appeal to you, Toronto may be a welcomed change of pace. Although tech is growing, it is part of the overall diversity of the city, rather than being the main focus. 

Explore Your Employment Options

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