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The Value of Data Science in A Post-Pandemic World

September 10 2020

Increasingly, businesses are turning to big data to gather real-time insights and formulate contingency plans, especially right now. With the help of advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, firms are uncovering and analyzing new data to help them succeed and adapt to the new normal.

We identified 5 key benefits to companies for establishing an in-house data team consisting of engineers, analysts, or scientists:

1. Stronger Customer Targeting: With the help of data analytics, a subset of data science, businesses can now study consumer behavior patterns, segment audiences and refine their consumer targeting strategies for higher efficiency and return on investment. Data can help you cut through the clutter and deliver information to your customers that is relevant.

2. Strengthens Forecasting Capabilities: Data science enables businesses to extract information from past trends and utilize it to predict future patterns. During economic uncertainty it allows for the creation and integration of simulation models with new business continuity plans.


3. Improves Workflow Processes: Business intelligence and data analytics combined can improve workflow processes, boosting productivity and creating more efficiencies within an organization. Data can identify which areas of your business need attention, where you need to dedicate more resources, and potential for further growth.

4. Empowers the Workforce: Data science is a valuable asset to your workforce. It provides managers with insights related to process efficiencies, synergies and improvement areas. A data-driven culture empowers businesses to achieve superior customer experiences, establishes governance and supports its employees to convert data insights into actionable opportunities.

5. Promotes Data-Driven Decision Making: Data driven decision making involves analyzing historical information for trends and drawing conclusions based on what has worked in the past. Competitive advantage, reduced business costs and higher profits are some of the benefits of data-driven decision making. Data science helps companies achieve their business objectives and focus on strategic growth.

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