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Toronto’s IT Boom: Finding New Job Opportunities

May 24 2019

As the tech market in Toronto continues to grow, it has increasingly become a candidate’s market. Tech companies continue to innovate, and even businesses outside of the tech sector are looking to implement more automation and other tech processes, leading to a wider variety of job to pursue – some that did not even exist within the recent years. Discover the booming Toronto tech jobs that can help you accelerate your career.


Data Science

The amount of consumer and other operational data, from proprietary to purchased third party, now able to be collected is staggering. Companies across industries are competing for talent in data science roles, since they know to remain relevant in the marketplace, they must have an expert who can take that raw collected data and process and analyze it into statistics and conclusions to make strategic business decisions.



Financial transactions being conducted online is the norm now, so there is a significant need for cybersecurity professionals who can develop systems to keep sensitive customer/client information safe. Pursuing a career in cybersecurity allows the flexibility of working in just about any industry, not just the tech sector.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept of the future – it has made its way into the mainstream, as businesses across sectors opt to utilize automation to improve the efficiency of their processes. There is high demand for professionals who can implement AI or machine learning into everyday business practices across sectors, with career opportunities in software development, research, algorithm specialists and more.

As cryptocurrency becomes more commonplace, the demand has skyrocketed for tech professionals who can fill jobs in blockchain, the technology that makes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possible through a decentralized ledger, peer-to-peer system. Software developers or other tech professionals with blockchain skills can be expected to command high salaries and have many opportunities in the financial services sector.


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