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Video Resume Tips To Get You Hired

July 23 2020

Searching for jobs online is easy but landing a job interview is not. Given the drastically evolving job market, candidates often find themselves competing with hundreds and thousands of applicants for the same position. As a candidate, what can you do to stand out? How can you make a lasting impression on the hiring manager and secure that coveted job interview? The answer could be: Video Resumes.

A brief video resume allows you to introduce yourself and share your story with the hiring manager/recruiter. It is a great add-on to your traditional resume and cover letter. Video resumes showcase your personality and helps recruiters gauge whether you are the right fit for the position. The ideal length of a video resume should be anywhere between 60 to 120 seconds. Video resumes are also effective in demonstrating your communication and creative skills.

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest, here are some useful video resume tips that can help you get hired:

1. Be Concise & Creative: Video resumes are supposed to be short and engaging. Prepare a script that focusses on a specific experience, skill or project and relate it to the position you are applying for. Be creative and add elements that will enhance the quality of your video. This could include subtle graphics, charts or closed captions.

2. Dress Professionally: You must dress appropriately, as you would for any interview. Consider wearing workplace-appropriate attire that complements your setting/background but makes you pop. Comb your hair, smooth out any clothes wrinkles, check your teeth for any leftover spinach from lunch, and look like your most presentable self.


3. Follow Employer’s Guidelines: In most cases, the hiring manager will request selected candidates to send in a video resume. In this situation, be sure to review the video guidelines set by the hiring manager. This may include questions to answer, video submission deadlines and recording best practices. Deliver your employer’s expectations and if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to send them an email before the submission due date.

4. Be Different: Spend time thinking how you can best demonstrate your confident and approachable self. What really sets you apart from the other candidates? Share unique elements that cannot be found in your resume or cover letter. If time permits, consider discussing quotes or theories that inspire you and are relevant to the position/industry you are applying for.

Make your video resume fun and engaging. It should effectively represent your personality which doesn’t always come through a traditional resume or cover letter.